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(12  languages include Danish, English, François, Deutsch, Italian, Northlands, Portuguese, Espanola, Swedish, Chinese-Simplified,Chinese-Traditional and Korean. Some models no  provide 12  languages)

1. BearPaw Series:

BearPaw 1200 BearPaw 1200F BearPaw 1200CU   BearPaw 1200TA
BearPaw 1200CS BearPaw 1200CU Plus BearPaw 2400TA BearPaw 2400CU
BearPaw 2400 BearPaw 2400TA Plus BearPaw 2400CS Plus BearPaw 4800TA Pro

2. Flatbed Scanner:

1200 CP 1200 FS 1200 ED 1200 UB
1200 USB 1200 CU 1200 USB Plus 1200 ED Plus
1200 CP Plus 1200 CU Plus 1200 UB Plus 1200 A3 Pro
2400 USB 9636 P 9636 S 9636 S Plus
12000 P 12000 SP 12000 SP Plus POWER PRO
P 1200 A3 Pro
96P 96 CP 600 SEP 600 CU
600 CP 600 USB 4800 P 6000 P
6000 SP          

3. Old Model:

600 II CD 600 II ST 600 II SF 600 II EP
600 II N 800 II SP MFC-600 S 1200 SP PRO
MFS-6000 CX MFS-6000 SP MFS-8000 SP MFS-12000 SP
MFS-12000 CX           



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