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iPhone/iPad 專用掃描器

Please follow below procedures to update to the latest version of our app via iTunes on your computer.

1.Remove the previous version of the i-Scan app from your iPad, and then connect and sync your iPad with iTunes on your computer.
2.Click on the following links to download the latest version of the i-Scan app, then decompress the files in a folder.
3.After decompressing the files, click on the iScan app icon on the desktop.


4.If you get a message after click on the iScan app icon then press "OK".
Go Mac System Preferences >> Security & Privacy and then press "Open Anyway" button.

5.iTunes automatically launches after the iScan app is clicked. You will find the i-Scan app in iTunes on your computer, then press "Install".


6.After installation is complete, press "Apply" at the bottom right corner.

7.When the i-Scan App install complete, go iPad Settings / General then press Profile.

Select “Mustek Systems, Inc.” and press Trust “Mustek Systems, Inc.”

8.Now the i-Scan app is complete installed into your iPad. The first time you launch the app on your iPad, you get a message, please press "Allow" to launch the i-Scan app.


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  1. 把您iPad 舊有i-Scan App 先移除,並用同步線接到一台有裝iTunes 電腦。

  2. 請直接點選以下網路連結下載最新App並先解壓縮在您電腦上。

  3. 解壓縮完畢後煩請直接點選iScan App。

  4. 點選完電腦會自動執行iTunes,您在iTunes App選單下會看到i-Scan App,煩請按"安裝"。

  5. 安裝完畢後請按右下角"套用"。

  6. 此時您的iPad 就會出現 i-Scan App,在第一次執行時App會跳出一個對話框問您是否要信任開發者資訊,煩請直接按"信任" 即可執行 App。
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