Driver & Manual Downloads

You may search the driver of Mustek products via the "Google Cloud URL" link below.

Notice :

Please save the "Driver Cloud URL" download link below to your PC for future use.

Please find the driver path on Cloud :

(for A3F2400N, A3 2400S, A3F1200N, A3 1200S, A3 1200HS, iDocScan Pxxx Series...)

\driver\0_Old_bearPaw Series\
(for BearPaw Scanners)

\driver\0_Old Products\
(for Older A3 Scanners & others)

\driver\0_Old Products\1200xx Series\
(for 1200 UB, 1200 USB, 1248 UB, 1200 CU, 1200xx Series...)

\software\ScanMust software\
(for ScanMust software for Mac OS X)

The ImageAcquire software support for Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.14 only.

The ScanMust software support for MAC OS X 10.7 to 12.x.

ScanMust software for Mac Users : (Download link)

ScanMust software is designed specifically for use with your Mustek A3 series flatbed scanner on Mac OS X, enabling you to scan documents either from the scanner buttons or within this application easily.

Scanner model supported:   (for ScanMust)

A3 600S(D2J)
A3 600S(C9X)
A3 1200S(D3I/D68/D69/D6x)
A3 1200S(C9A)
A3 2400S(D3K/D66/D6x)
A3 2400S(D18)
A3 1200HS

D2J,D2I,D3K,C9X,C9A,D18...are the first 3 digits in the serial number for the model code of your scanner.

Scanner model Not supported: (for ScanMust)

SE/PE A3 USB 600 Pro
SE/PE A3 USB 1200 Pro
SE/PE A3 USB 2400Pro
Other older A3 series flatbed scanner


We strongly recommend you remove the old driver from your computer and then download the correct driver for your scanner, by model name, from the Cloud.